Successfully performed Hybridisation Surgery for Long Segment Hirschsprung’s Disease in a 10 months old girl.

This variety of HD is extremely rare (incidence of 1:25000 live birth) affecting almost entire colon. The Hybridisation technique ( devised by Japanese )allowes part of ileum to be incorporated into a segment of right side of the colon and the composite segment is Pulled through upto the native anal canal. Most of the colon is resected out. This essentially allows the water and electrolyte absorption and chance of survival. This technique has been done for the first time in UAE . This surgery was done by incorporating endoscopic and open techniques.Fetal volvulous is an extremely rare condition and a challenge to diagnose and manage. Only few cases have been reported in the world literature with instances of fetal death , still births in neglected cases. It’s a complex multidisciplinary approach with state of the art NICU care which helps in survival of potentially morbid and lethal condition.

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