Successful Laparoscopic Excision of Type 1c Choledochal Cyst and Hepatico-Duodenostomy in a 13 years old Girl

A 13 year old girl has been successfully treated by total Laparoscopic excision of type 1 –C Choledochal cyst and hepatico-duodenostomy . She has been having recurrent abdominal pain, post feeding discomfort, nausea, occasional fever and vomiting. After thorough evaluation a large type 1c Choledochal cyst associated with hepatosplenomegaly was diagnosed. After preparation, Laparoscopic excision and bilio-enteric anastomosis was carried out. She had highly vascular and thick fibrotic cyst wall with adhesions due to multiple cholangitic attacks. The surgery could be completed completely Laparoscopically with minimal blood loss. Child had a very comfortable post operative recovery, starting oral feeds 48 hours after surgery with excellent cosmetic outcome. Currently minimally invasive technique is being the procedure of choice for such complex anomalies with excellent outcomes.

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