Mini-Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty

6 year old girl underwent mini-laparoscopic pyeloplasty with 3mm instruments thereby rendering stitch-less abdomimal access. The child had been suffering from frequent intermittent severe pain in left flank associated with vomiting thereby reducing her appetite and general growth. Upon evaluation, she was diagnosed to have severe pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction with enlarged renal pelvis and thinning of left kidney. The child recovered very fast accepting oral feeds and started to move around within 6 hours of surgery. The post- operative pain and discomfort were minimal compared to open surgical repair. The cosmetic outcome, which is one of the major concerns with the child and parents has been outstanding. There is no scar on her abdomen or perineum which is a great cosmetic benefit to the girl child. Fetal volvulous is an extremely rare condition and a challenge to diagnose and manage. Only few cases have been reported in the world literature with instances of fetal death , still births in neglected cases. It’s a complex multidisciplinary approach with state of the art NICU care which helps in survival of potentially morbid and lethal condition.

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