Fetal volvulus and gangrene of intestine managed successfully.

An extremely rare case of Fetal intestinal volvulus has been successfully managed The 32 weeker fetus was diagnosed to have Classical triad of Echogenic bowel with Whirl pool sign, polyhydramnios and fetal anaemia . A thorough counselling with the parents enabled them to take the most difficult decision of urgent delivery of the baby by Cesarean Section. Post natal evaluation confirmed the small bowel volvulus. After stabilization emergency laparotomy was performed. Segmental volvulus involving whole of ileum with gangrene and distal ileal atresia, malrotaion of gut was detected. Resection of gangrenous bowel , correction of malrotation and double barrel ileostomy was performed. Baby recovered from the physiological and surgical stress quite satisfactorily, started to pass stool per stoma and started feeding. Fetal volvulous is an extremely rare condition and a challenge to diagnose and manage. Only few cases have been reported in the world literature with instances of fetal death , still births in neglected cases. It’s a complex multidisciplinary approach with state of the art NICU care which helps in survival of potentially morbid and lethal condition.

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