Dr. Kamalesh Pal

Consultant Pediatric Surgeon, Neonatal Surgeon, Pediatric Urologist

Consultant Paediatric Surgeon trained from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Gold Medalist from AIIMS, New Delhi) with more than 21 years of experience in clinical, teaching, research activities in tertiary care Hospitals in, India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Has performed more than 7000 neonatal and 15000 pediatric surgical procedures with a special interest in Pediatric Laparoscopy(including Robotics Surgery) and Pediatric Urology.

Available @ Fakeeh University Hospital Dubai

Dr. Kamalesh Pal | Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgeon, Pediatric Urologist

With more than 21 years of experience in

Tertiary care Hospitals in, India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.
About Dr. Kamalesh Pal

GOLD Medalist from AIIMS, New Delhi

Performed more than 7000 neonatal and 15000 pediatric surgical procedures with a special interest in Pediatric Laparoscopy(including Robotics Surgery) and Pediatric Urology.

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Children are asking for better surgical treatment of their ills and are begging for more thoughtful attention.

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High – Quality Care is provided to Children (0 -13 years)



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My daughter Alreem was suffering from hydronephrosis since birth, me and my husband went to different doctors to follow up her case however we didn’t feel comfortable until we met Doctor Kamalesh Pal. Dr. Kamalesh didn’t only explain to us what are the different possibilities of treatment he also comforted us and told us not to worry that Alreem is his daughter as well and that he will take good care of her. My daughter just had her payloplasty surgery done along with 5 kidney stones removal last week, the surgery was laparoscopic and used new technology in medicine. The surgery went smoothly and finished on the exact time we were promised, I will forever be grateful to Dr Kamalesh as he isn't just an amazing surgeon he also have amazing work ethics and professionalism.

Hamda Mohammad UAE

What an incredible and confident Surgeon Dr Kamalesh is! Three failed Hypospadias repairs in US and Canada left my son Michael a hypospadias cripple. Michael was in a whole lot of psychological pain which started to affect his personality negatively. My relocation to Dubai proved to be a blessing to my son. A quick consultation, confident counselling made us trust Dr Kamalesh instantly. A complex surgical repair restored not only the anatomy but also the self esteem of my son. 3 years follow up, a beautiful cosmetic and functional result. In my opinion, Dr Kamalesh is the surgeon to look for any day. Thank you and a lot of respect to this brilliant surgeon.

Mr Jeremy USA

My son Richard had been suffering from recurrent painful submandibular swelling , being unsuccessfully operated twice in Nigeria. It was Dr Kamalesh in Dubai who for the first time made the correct diagnosis of his condition and did a successful surgical correction. Richard is presently such a happy kid for being relieved of his daily debilitating pain and disfigurement. We are indebted for the services of Dr Kamalesh and recommend highly for his expertise .

Mrs Adegorite Nigeria

My 4years old daughter Sara was suffering from repeated urinary tract infections, poor health, easy tiredness till we consulted Dr Kamalesh in Dubai. He was so professional in not only diagnosing her bilateral urinary reflux and kidney damage, but offered us the latest minimally invasive surgery, “ Vesicoscopic Ureteric Reimplantation”. The post surgery experience was exceptionally smooth for Sara who was up and about the same day, went home the very next day without any discomfort and excellent cosmetic outlook with hardly any visible scars. We are fortunate to have found Dr Kamalesh for Sara who is the most experienced and skilful Pediatric Urologist we have met

Mrs Shafah Pakistan
Dr. Kamalesh Pal has performed more than 5000 neonatal and 8000 pediatric surgical procedures. Has more than 40 indexed publications, 5 chapters in Pediatric Surgical Textbooks, recipient of Young Scientist Award (2004), Mohanlal Wig Gold Medal (2003)